A PLACE TO grow roots

Stumptown Station is a local neighborhood private club that serves liquor. 

We strive to provide quality service, amazing atmosphere and spirits sourced locally in North Carolina.  We want our members to enjoy conversation while being able to watch streaming media or listening to the jukebox.

Stumptown station is a 1500 square foot brownstone which has two levels.  We wanted to make sure we kept the spaces character and a simple style.  We feel this theme adds value to the downtown Matthews space. 




Nestled between Charlotte and Monroe, the area now known as Matthews was unspoiled rolling woodlands with large stands of trees. By the early 1800s, this rich and inviting land attracted our early settlers, who were mainly farmers. In the vicinity lay the trading trails, game-rich hunting grounds and the ancestral homes of the Waxhaw and Catawba Indians. These farmers began clearing the land for planting around the start of the 19th century. Cotton grew well and soon became the primary cash crop. As the land was cleared for planting, so many tree stumps were left standing that the early settlement was unofficially known as Stumptown.


Since Stumptown Station is a private club we are required by law to charge yearly membership fees.  The two levels of membership will be the basic at $5 per year and the VIP at $30 per year.  The VIP membership comes with your own engraved glass/mug.  


the CLUB

107A N Trade Street, Matthews, North Carolina 28105


Thurs: 4pm - 11pm |  Friday: 4pm - 11pm  |  Saturday: 12pm - 11pm  |  Sunday 4pm - 11pm
(Hours may vary due to Holidays)

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