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The Big Booth Podcast

The Big Booth is recorded at Stumptown Station in Matthews, NC. Learn about what‘s happening at the bar, but also learn more about craft liquor. We‘ll cover history and background on various drinks and their ingredients along along with a Q&A with Master Mixologist, Brandon Mills.

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Episode 1: The Moscow Mule

Released: 02/08/2022 

In our pilot episode of The Big Booth, we introduce the idea of why we're doing a Podcast, feature our very first Cocktail Spotlight, The Moscow Mule, plus Q&A with Brandon. 

Episode 2: The 4 Parts of a Cocktail

Released: 02/28/2022 

In Episode 2 of The Big Booth, we get into the basics of making cocktails. The first lesson: The Four Parts of a Cocktail. Get started on your path to becoming a master mixologist as Brandon takes us through the 4 parts of a cocktail, how they balance each other, and how you can mix and match to create 3 basic cocktails using the same formula. Editor's note: We went a little long on this one, but hopefully we didn't drift off on too many tangents.

Episode 3: Tools of the Trade

Released: 03/22/2022 

In Episode 3 of The Big Booth, we look at the tools everyone should have to make craft cocktails. Brandon takes us through the basic tools you'll want to have for your own home bar, some stories behind them, and how to use them. Send your questions and episode ideas to!

Episode 4: The Sazerac

Released: 04/12/2022 

In Episode 4 of The Big Booth, we do another cocktail spotlight. This time is the Sazerac from New Orleans. Send your questions and episode ideas to!

Episode 5: Tequila!

Released: 05/05/2022 

In Episode 5 of The Big Booth, we celebrate Cinco de Mayo by learning all about Tequila. Featuring special guest host Quinton Hill, we'll look at the different styles of good tequila. We'll learn how to identify good tequila vs "Daytona Beach" tequila and some of the history around the magical Mexican firewater.  

Send your questions and episode ideas to!