Cocktail Bracket.png

The first annual Great Cocktail Bracket is underway. The rules are simple. Submit your recipe during the "entry" period. After the submission deadline, our operations team will choose the top 8 recipes for the competition. 

Then the top 8 compete in weekly rounds leading up to the championship, where one recipe will win and arrive on our Summer Menu this year! 

Judging is based on number of cocktails sold during the round. Whoever sells the most wins and moves on to the next round. 

Submissions are now open through Thursday March 3, 2022. The top 8 will be announced on Tuesday March 8. 

Round 1 of 8 cocktails will be from Friday March 23 - Sunday April 3. . The initial 8 cocktails will be split so 4 will compete week 1, the others will compete week 2. This is mainly because adding 8 new cocktails is a bit much. 

The "round of 4" semifinals will be from April 7 - 10

Championship round will be April 14 - 17.

The winner will be announced on April 18

Questions? Email us at